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1-800 PET HELP will soon be one of the most visited sites on the internet for consumers looking for veterinary care.

Over one million searches per month are conducted on the major search engines (Google and Yahoo) just for the term, Veterinarian. Utilizing the latest in search engine optimization for organic search traffic, 1-800 PET HELP.com will be positioned within the top listings on all of the major search engines, for terms consumers typically search for when seeking veterinary care.

This means significant exposure of your practice to consumers searching for your services within your geographic area.

Join us while your territory is still available, and take advantage of introductory pricing opportunities…

1-800 PET HELP is the most powerful marketing tool to hit the veterinary profession in years!

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The featured listing assures highest placement, and will allow callers to connect directly with your office by entering their five-digit zip code. Call for further information and pricing: 1-800 738-4357

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The enhanced listing assures placement directly beneath featured listings. Call for further information and pricing: 1-800 738-4357

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The free listing will include your practice on related searches. Call for further information and pricing: 1-800 738-4357

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